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Our mobile game development company in Chicago develops great, larger than life experiences for game fanatics. For brands with every intention to present their audiences with remarkable experiences and highly-engaging mobile games, We Want App offers the best in app development. Moreover, our team possesses a complete understanding of the different ideas and the experience to match in the field. Therefore, we help businesses transform unique gaming concepts into reality. In short, We Want App is a well-renowned name in the game development industry.

So, here’s what you will need to know about our creative game development solutions:

We Want App – the Mobile Game Development Company in Chicago for Concept-Creators, Designers, and Ground Breakers!

Creativity does not just exist; you need We Want App to make it happen! Especially when it comes to android and iOS game development, we know our trade well. That’s why the We Want App team always comes up with various, unique ideas. Our designs are closely associated with our customers’ outlook and expectations and the current market trends. As a result, we set the bar higher with each game we develop.

Our team has designed this creative mobile game development process that we religiously follow:


Generally, this is the stage in which we build a strategy. Specifically, it takes a deep exploration of the market and target users for our art, design, and development team to generate an outstanding concept.


Our 2D & 3D finance production team steps into the arena next. In short, they bring your game’s perception to life using modern technologies and platforms


We go through a particular series of Q&A and production tests for excellent user experience. In addition to those, we offer maintenance and support services as well.

We Want App Opens a Whole New World of Opportunities and Remarkable Features

The massive growth of software development has brought forward a considerably great amount of benefits in various fields. Likewise, mobile game development services are no exception to that transformation.

The game developers and mobile game makers at We Want App search for the best way to assist your brand. A game doesn’t just mean entertainment. These days, it helps you in communicating and building a secure connection with your customers. Moreover, with our gaming designs and achievements work as a connecting link, your brand can present your vision in a thrilling, exciting, and engaging manner. Let us give you the outcome that your customers will love and feel drawn to with every new game you introduce under your brand.

In short, our spectacular technical expertise in mobile game development and the never-before-seen levels of creativity indicate that your search ends here with We Want App.

Facets of Mobile Game Development at We Want App

Get our mobile game developers and open a whole new world of opportunities and remarkable features!

The best game application

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3D Unity Game Development

We construct excellent quality 3D Games with unique and exceptional features. In addition to that, they have superior quality, high graphics, and original characters. In conclusion, 3D Unity is the right platform for you if your brand’s looking for:
Lifelike Rendering Ability
VR & AR products
Development-Friendly Concepts
Multi-platform Support

HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 delivers several JavaScript game engines and structures. It is one of the best choices for 2D and 3D web games across mobile and desktop search engines. Additionally, they come with:
Easy Deployability
Smooth Cross-Platform Performance
High Structural Integrity
Easy-to-Update Formats

Mobile Game Development

We have mobile game development experts who introduce new challenges and high-level quality to each project. Besides that, they deliver the desired final product with a smooth, improved user experience. You’ll find the following formats at We Want App in this regard:
Android games iOS games
Facebook games
Windows games

2D & 3D Game Developmentt

Finally, our development team has worked with several advanced frameworks. Thus, they also build and develop games featuring 2D and 3D interfaces and:
Captivating Concepts Phenomenal Graphics
Multi-layered Designs
Complete Optimizability


Companies we served

Being an access service provider and contributor to various industries, we have great instincts and perception and knowledge about what goes on in the market world, along with our huge experience in creating and developing game applications for different sectors, like:

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Customer Centric


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