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We Want App is here to cater to your marketing needs. We were designed and created as a result of simple research. Our creations will drive in more users to your brand and keep them coming back for more.

We Want App is a software house, geared towards the production of uniquely created apps. One of our strengths is our globally recognized status since we hit the industry in 2008. We Want Apps is also a part of Alight Minds Private Limited.

We provide excellent and high-quality services to our customers, enhancing software processes. The simple approach that we take in providing end-to-end expertise in delivering our app solutions to you makes this possible. Each perfect outcome is the result of the best in technology and the work of trained professionals.

We offer our customers excellent-quality digital solutions. They are created to shape unique user experiences. The We Want App team is fully invested in understanding, learning, and delivering the best app solution or your brand.

We trust that each digital touch-point is a chance to create and build up purposeful interactions. Therefore, we are in this to form everlasting connections with our customers. Our relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance to us. To strengthen it, We Want App will always provide you with solutions that help your business and brand to the top.

Our Value

We put our values and extremely hard work in every task we take over. Our values as a company are deeply embedded in each transaction with you.

The core values we focus on for the betterment of our customers and our company are:


Human connection



Freedom & Care

Motivation & Growth


Why work with Us?

We have a strong and determined focus on helping our customers and fulfilling their needs. Consequently, we bring out remarkable outcomes and transform their ideas and visions into real-life, working solutions. In conclusion, while working with us, you can stay expect products created with the latest trends in the digital world.

Years on the market

Finished projects


Ongoing Development

What our Customers Say about Us is Essential to We Want App: (Testimonials)

Outstanding experience working with them. They have been very trustworthy, professional, and active throughout. Therefore, a great job. Thank you so much!

Adam Zurn

App Owner (Bee Present)

I have had a great experience with We Want App. To sum it up, you get an extremely reliable team of experts when you hire them. Job well done!

Laura Moulder

App Owner (Who's My Mutter)

We Want App have provided our company with significant value and we would highly recommend them for future tasks.

Brianne Casey

App Owner (Checked In)